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My Children's Grandchildren Will




... parents fear their children growing up in the united states because we

incarcerate instead of educate our children on their privilege to freedom.

Action needs to be taken now, RIGHT NOW to save our youth from becoming the next incarcerated generation. 

Meet The Founders

Darney KBorn Rivers

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Founder and President of I Am My Community

Shanequa M. Charles

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Founder and Executive Director of Miss Abbie's Kids

William M. Evans

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Founder and President of Neighborhood Benches



ABOUT #NeverBeCaged

Never Be Caged is a movement built in The Bronx, that is founded by three organizations that aim to end mass incarceration through investment in our youth.

 I Am My Community, Neighborhood Benches and Miss Abbie's Kids Inc.


The table built by #NeverBeCaged is where decisions for the future are made. 



Advocacy Agenda 2019

The prosecutor is the most important player in the entire criminal justice process. The prosecutor determines whether or not a CRIMINAL RECORD is established, they determine whether or not a youth will be brought before a judge; if they will be charged or if they get to go home to their family. Black and brown youth, particularly experiencing poverty are over charged to begin with

What is a win? Prosecutors are judged by whether or not they "win" their cases, that means that each conviction and someone being locked in a cage is a WIN for them.

What would it look like to redefine what a WIN actually is? When the prosecutor engages in mindfulness about a young persons life and ability to learn, they can mandate lesson plans that include public health professionals, community resources and directly impacted experts to shape the outcomes of their lives. What is a truly safe community? One in which a youthful indiscretion is not penalized by jail or incarceration, rather 

The prosecutor is ill equipped to provide the type of help young people need 

"The power of the prosecutor should be used to save lives not ruin them." Adam Foss


Intervention, support, opportunity and love will be the answer to this overwhelming problem 



Officer Arrest

An arrest will be made if a suspect is identified and there is probable cause to believe the suspect committed the crime. 

For certain offenses, the suspect might not be brought directly to court from the precinct.

District Attorney's Office

After an officer makes an arrest, he/she will present information about the case to the District Attorney's Office. The PROSECUTOR will then determine whether to file charges against the suspect.

If the PROSECUTOR decides not to file charges, the suspect will be released.

Filing Charges

If the PROSECUTOR decides to file charges against a suspect, the charges will be presented in front of a judge for an arraignment.

Please note that although the District Attorney's Office will handle your case, they prosecute on behalf of the State of New York in Criminal Court or Supreme Court, not on behalf of individuals.



The NYC Housing Authority denies housing to individuals who have had criminal justice involvement.


Department of Health and Mental Hygiene needs to be involved in every arrest of a young person to determine and establish if mental health issues need to be addressed.


Children should NOT be arrested due to behavioral issues inside of a school unless they have committed a deeply heinous crime on school grounds


Children age out of Administration for Child Services without proper supports to engage children as productive members of society

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